We raise the most.

Church Development will raise the most funds in church capital campaign gifts as your annual stewardship giving and Planned Gifts also increase.

Years in Fundraising

Our wisdom comes from fundraising best practices and experiences of success over the decades.

Successful Clients

Our work extends to clients of all sizes and denominations across the United States.

% Annual Giving

On average we raise multiple times annual giving through solicitation of major and planned gifts.

Stewardship Based Church Capital Campaigns

Church Development’s focus is growing a culture of stewardship through prayer, connection, and shared decision-making using research-based best practices to strengthen faith communities.

“Our previous debt relief capital campaign consultant raised $2M, Church Development raised $3.5M, with the same case.”

Jeremy Heinen

Director of Stewardship & Development, Holy Trinity Catholic Church

Without Church Development we only raised $300,000. With Church Development we tripled that, raising $900,000.

Jeff Clayton

Pastor, Southminster Presbyterian Church Overland Park, KS

Best practices will help you avoid raising less than you could.

We’re proud of our work integrating best practices of fundraising and spirituality with over 300 churches over the past 30 years. The consensus among all denominational leaders is that professional consultants raise more than campaigns run without a professional.

St. Anne Catholic Church Capital Campaign

St. Ann’s Catholic Church

Prairie Village, KS

700% Annual Giving Raised

St. Ann’s parish boasted a thriving 450-student school and a church community with a strong senior citizen backbone, many of whom had been parishioners since the parish was built. With plans to update the parish that would benefit the old and young, community members of all ages would have to unite in conducting a successful capital campaign. Coached by Church Development, St. Ann’s met its unprecedented fundraising goals. 

For us to raise over 600% of annual giving in our capital campaign, in the face of an economic crisis, was truly astounding. Thank you for the help!

Fr. Charles Rowe

Pator, Twelve Apostles Catholic Church

Church Development worked hard at tailoring the campaign to our unique needs. Our previous consultants helped us raise 1.1x annual giving. Church Development helped us raise 1.5x annual giving.

Cheryl Kohlsteadt

Administrator, Pleasant Valley Baptist

Through our capital campaign, church members’ lives were transformed. Now, our annual giving, volunteerism and attendance have all increased.”

Rev. Dr. Dan Dolquist

Pastor, Grace Presbyterian Church, Centennial, CO

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What we Do

Church Capital Campaigns, Church Feasibility Studies & Increase Annual Giving

Church Capital Campaigns

We custom build our capital campaign plans to each church’s needs. Our flexibility in different service levels gives you freedom in choosing the right amount of support that complements the talent that is already serving your church. 

Church Feasibility Studies

A feasibility study gives you a deep understanding of your church community. Besides measuring the financial support likely for an upcoming capital campaign, a feasibility study provides feedback that affirms your strengths and identifies areas to grow your ministry.

Planned Giving and Stewardship Strategic Plans

Legacy giving can match the amount raised in a traditional church capital campaign. Church Development’s planned giving consulting helps you to start a legacy gift program, inviting every member to remember the church in estate plans.

Resources, Checklists & Guides

Resources for Growing Church Giving Without Fundraising

Church Capital Campaign eBook

Your comprehensive guide to planning for and running a church capital campaign from a stewardship mindset.

End of the Year Appeal Guide

Did you know that many churches receive as much as 10% of their annual giving through end-of-the-year gifts?

Stewardship Strategic Guide

In this stewardship strategic plan guide and checklist, we lay out for you the steps to implement to build a culture of generosity at your church

Monthly Bulletin Inserts to Grow Giving

The Stewardship System™ monthly resources include bulletin inserts that follow the liturgical year, stewardship committee agenda templates, training videos, and educational articles.

Our church capital campaigns services set us apart from other firms...

Building Community

Effective campaigns build community. A strong community is a giving community. The financial and spiritual success of campaigns are mutually inclusive goals. Campaigns are times of great spiritual opportunity when a community can grow closer and be galvanized around a common purpose. They are times when parishioners can grow in belonging and ownership of their parish's mission and vision. Our campaign teams work with the parish leadership and members to build a sense of trust and mutual respect.


Guiding and Supporting

Church Development provides expertise and guidance to support you throughout your capital campaign. We follow through to deal with any challenges that surface, celebrate successes, and ensure enthusiasm remains high after the solicitation phase. We provide resources for ongoing stewardship learning for your staff and volunteers. Whatever plans or needs our parish partners have, a Church Development stewardship consultant is in it with you to make sure you are not left to figure things out alone. 


Meeting Your Unique Needs

Each parish is different in its character, culture, and goals. Doesn't it make sense to have a capital campaign that is as unique as your parish? Church Development campaigns are tailored to each church and are, therefore, more effective than one-size-fits-all campaigns. We work tirelessly to facilitate a process that responds to the realities of your faith community and honors the unique vision God has for your church. We respect and value your identity and build off your strengths to facilitate a successful campaign.

Growing a Culture of Giving

Because we emphasize parishioner involvement in campaigns and teach a spirituality of stewardship throughout, we often see increases in annual giving and volunteerism within twelve months after Commitment Sunday.
Our approach celebrates all the gifts God has bestowed and invites parishioners to explore how God is calling them to share their gifts. Through prayer, discernment, and community building, our capital campaigns create a culture of generosity in the churches we serve.

Providing Options

Church Development is set apart from other capital campaign firms: we give you options to select the level of support you need based on your time and financial resources. Our two-tiered pricing structure gives you options to make decisions based on your priorities. When hiring a fundraising consultant, get exactly what you need and no more. Our comprehensive service is active management all the details. Coaching service provides the confidence of having a professional strategy.

Praying, Not Pushing

We respect that each family is in a unique place financially and spiritually. Pressuring others to do what we want (or give what we want) is not only awkward, it’s ineffective. It comes from a fear of scarcity. Our approach to stewardship teaches trust in God’s providence and the abundance of blessings already in our lives. We see this as helpful for individuals as well as for the parish. For that reason, our asking approach is based on prayer, Ignatian discernment, and invitation, and never on pressure or fear.

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