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Teaching Stewardship Part 2

Whose money is in your wallet?
Teaching stewardship part two

“The last part of a man to be converted is his wallet.”    - John Wesley

Whose money?

When you boil it all down, stewardship begins in one’s wallet. Ok, I suppose you could make the argument that it really begins 18 inches higher up in the heart. But honestly, the way in which one handles their personal finances has an enormous impact on one’s spiritualty, relationships, lifestyle, and vocation. But there is an even more important question to ask as a follow up to Wesley’s famous quote.

“Whose money is in your wallet?” Money management impacts all of life. You can’t escape the daily need to manage money. The church is in a unique spot to teach about money management. Instead of being seen as always asking for money, what if you took a different tact and spent a lot of time teaching about money. Jesus did. That will help us answer this all-important second question.

Money in scripture

Twelve of Jesus’s 38 parables deal with financial teaching and 16% of Matthew, Mark, and Luke deal with money, possessions, and things. The reality is Jesus spent so much time teaching about financial issues or using monetary examples because God knows how much money impacts our lives. You need to teach your flock about the proper and godly use of money because the topic is so common in the Scriptures. The result will be your people will learn to be better stewards and generosity will flow in your church to fund ministry.

If we truly believe the money in our wallet is God’s money, then teaching others this core discipleship principle should be a joyous endeavor. The spiritual maturity it will elicit in your people will be a wellspring for generous living and generous giving for your church.

Teaching stewardship

To ensure basic stewardship education occurs, we strongly recommend that at least four times a year your church offer sermons on stewardship. At least two should touch on money. Additionally, you will want to offer financial workshops, bible studies, and financial coaching ministry (see our Stewardship System website for more resources.).  

We all have God’s money in our wallets. I encourage you to lead the way in teaching your people how to do the loving thing with the talents they have received. Then they will honor, God, self, and family with money.

What we offer

For more information on the Stewardship System, or for questions about stewardship education or capital campaigns, contact Church Development at 1-800-443-2413 or click here to email us.

The author

matt schoenfeldtMatt Schoenfeld is the author of 17 books and curricula about personal finance and stewardship, including Abundant Living: five biblical principles for financial success and Living Debt Free. You can learn more about Matt’s books at: