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Barna Group

28 Aug. 2014 Posted by Denis Greene in Misc

Small Groups Help Retain Church Members

Church Development shares on how and why small groups that meet throughout the week help people stay connected to the church.

One of my favorite parts of my job is teaching complimentary stewardship workshops for churches (usually we invite all the churches in the area to attend). They get a free lunch and a wealth of information. We’ve held a number of workshop topics. Including best stewardship practices, how to arrange your annual campaign, and how to reach young people in your church through social media, your church’s internet presence, and missional heart.

We recently met with a number of churches interested in exploring annual campaigns. One of the things that came up in this workshop was the power of engaging community. During this time we noted that Church Development is active on our Twitter account, and we retweeted a recent thought from Thom Rainer:

14 Jan. 2014 Posted by Denis Greene in Stewardship

Top 10 Christian New Year's Resolutions... Or Not

Church Development shares some closing thoughts on what New Year's resolutions mean for Christians and the church.

I started this series by listing out the 10 most popular New Year's resolutions followed by what some of these picks mean for your financial message in your church. I had hoped to wrap up this series by delving into the top Christian New year's resolutions, but not every blog goes according to plan:

25 Apr. 2013 Posted by Denis Greene in Quick Stats

Rise of the Non-Religious in the U.S. Debated

Church Development looks at the various definitions of irreligion in America.

Last year, we covered that Protestants lost the religious majority in the U.S. and how people view the church today. Recently, the Barna Group—a polling firm that covers statistical changes in religion—covered the rise of the nones (those claiming no religious affiliation) in the U.S.

While the Barna Group has received its share of criticisms over the years, Patheos released this graphic on how you can define post-Christian 15 different ways, which can widely swing the results from 4% to 89%:

5 Feb. 2013 Posted by Denis Greene in Quick Stats

Quick Stats: The 95% Who Don’t Tithe

In quick stats, Church Development takes a statistic and applies it to the current state of church giving. In today’s blog, we share a breakdown of what percentage of income the U.S. gives.

I’ve often mentioned the common Barna statistic that only 5% of the U.S. tithes. Well, what about the remaining 95%?

8 Jan. 2013 Posted by Denis Greene in Stewardship

New Year, Same Issues (Mostly)

Church Development looks at a Barna study on the temptations people struggle with coming into 2013. As money issues often come out high on the list, Church Development breaks down how it impacts different demographics. 

As it's the time of year for resolutions, the Barna Group released a list of temptations people commonly struggle with, and what's changed coming into 2013. The answer? Not much. However, two new and rising additions to the list are "going off" on someone via email or text (11% of adults surveyed) and spending too much time on media (44%).

Past that though, it's the same old temptations -- worrying/being anxious (60%), eating too much (55%), gossiping (26%), viewing pornography (18%), and lying/cheating (12%) -- tripping people up. Not surprisingly, the temptation of spending too much money came in high on the list, with 44% of adults surveyed admitting to the issue. However, it should be noted that the more serious the sin, the less willing people (seemingly) were to admit it. Overall, temptation keeps evolving in the digital age.

In terms of people spending too much money, however, how is that different in 2013, and do the statistics shift for different demographics?

6 Dec. 2012 Posted by Denis Greene in Generosity

What Percentage of Givers Tithe?

Church Development shares what percentage of givers tithe and how that is tied to God's involvement.'m aware that although I've learned much from failure, this isn't the most encouraging series in the world. As a result of that, I want to view today's failure statistic through a different lens.

Last time, I noted that while the average the average Catholic gives only 1.2% of his or her income (versus the average of 2.2% from Protestants), each has the ability to give 5% of their income to charities (including churches). While many find it interesting that the average person's giving can increase by 417%, there's always that one person who says, "Yeah, but the Biblical tithe is 10% and the Israelites gave a lot more than that."

So then, let's talk about the T word. What percentage of givers tithe*?

23 Aug. 2012 Posted by Denis Greene in Quick Stats

On Tithing: How Many Churchgoers Tithe? quick stats, Church Development takes a statistic and applies to the current state of church giving. In today’s blog, we look at what percentage of the church tithes.

While I’ve said before that facts are friendly, sometimes they aren’t pretty. When it comes to what percentage of churchgoers tithe (or give at least 10% of their income to charity), the latter definitely applies.

The number?

12 Jul. 2012 Posted by Denis Greene in Quick Stats

Quick Stats: Barna Study Notes Economy’s Continued Affect on Charitable Giving

In quick stats, Church Development takes a statistic and applies to the current state of church giving. In today’s blog, we look at a recent Barna study that shows the economy’s continued impact on charitable giving.

It seems like the Barna Group (a Christian survey group) has done a study on the economy’s impact on Christians for several years running now. This shouldn’t be a surprise, as the economy is one of the biggest earthly shapers of financial giving.

I’ll let the numbers from a recent study speak for themselves:

3 Apr. 2012 Posted by Denis Greene in Quick Stats

Quick Stats: Pastor Priorities in 2012

In quick stats, Church Development takes a statistic and applies to the current state of church giving. Today's blog covers the Barna Group's recent study on how pastors plan to improve their churches in 2012.

In a nationwide study of Protestant pastors, the Barna Group concluded that while 59% of churches "definitely" planned to assess their vision and mission in 2012, only 6% of churches "definitely" planned to work with an organization (like Church Development) to increase giving. While these numbers jump to 88% and 17% respectively when adding in "definitely + probably," we all know that priorities can shift as emergencies come up. To be honest, that's why so few churches plan on investing with a stewardship expert: there are simply too many emergencies along the way. So even if you're reputable—which, hey, I think Church Development is after helping over 200 churches raise over $200 million—many churches don't want to take what they perceive to be a risk.