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St. Paul's Episcopal Church

St. Paul's Episcopal Church

When close to the entirety of funds were appropriated each year for decades to its thriving school, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church deteriorated into a near-unusable state.

For decades, St Paul’s Episcopal School conducted a capital campaign every three years.  This money went to the purchase of adjacent lots, construction of a gymnasium and the creation of a soccer field.  Meanwhile, St. Paul’s Episcopal Church sat nearby, virtually ignored with no money for maintenance.  Water stains damaged the walls, a leaky roof created problems during rain, the food bank portions of the church sank away from the main portion as the foundation crumbled.  Certain areas of carpet would even “squish” after storms, creating a haven for mold and fungus.

Father Stan, a lovable and charismatic leader, was nominated to serve as bishop in his home parish in Louisiana, but elected to stay at St. Paul’s and lead efforts in restoring the church.  He knew that if his parishioners could see the array of problems plaguing their church, they would be more likely to donate to its restoration.  By arranging tours through the entire church, he showed the extent of its need for repairs.  Father Stan even narrated a video tour, so those unable to see the damage for themselves could view it through a visual presentation.

Because of Father Stan’s efforts, and in coordination with Church Development, St. Paul’s earned donations totaling over three times annual giving, all of which went towards the restoration and healing of what was a hurting church.


St. Paul's Episcopal Church
11 East 40th Street
Kansas City, MO 64111

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