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St. Ann Catholic Church

St. Ann Catholic Church

Moving from a small town in the middle of Kansas to one of the largest and busiest parishes in the Kansas City archdiocese would have been overwhelming to most young priests.  However, Fr. Keith Lunsford thrives on challenge. Click here to learn about his successful efforts in evaluating the range of needs in his dynamic parish and meeting them thanks to a massive capital campaign that raised seven times annual giving.

St. Ann’s church was built in the 1960’s when Prairie Village was exploding with starter homes and young families.  Many of these families never moved, and today, its home to a strong senior citizen community.  However, the parish stays young through its thriving school.  St. Ann’s had three initial goals designed to serve its range of parishioners: updating the church, expanding the school, and building a chapel. 

While most capital campaigns raise between 1.5 and 3 times annual giving, St. Ann’s ambitious plans came with a staggering price tag of 7 times annual giving.  Fr. Keith’s challenge was uniting all parishioners, from the young parents with children just starting kindergarten to the older members with grandchildren graduating eighth grade. 

Perhaps drawing from his commonsensical country roots, he engaged the entire parish in conversation, regarding the parish vision in not expanding, but redesigning, as St. Ann’s urban location, sandwiched between a retirement home and a medical building, offered no room for expansion.  Many of these meetings took place in the pastor’s own residence, with people packed into every square inch of his modest home.  From these discussions, Fr. Keith developed a network of competent volunteers, the most prominent being Darren Hayen.  Hayen was a professional builder who would volunteer hundreds of hours to facilitate discussions about the addition to the school and the construction of the chapel.  Thanks to leadership by Fr. Keith and an inclusive process that involved all members of the community, St. Ann’s met its unprecedented fundraising goals.


St. Ann Catholic Church
7231 Mission Road
Prairie Village, KS 66209

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