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Our Lady of Perpetual Help

In the many years since the parish had conducted its last capital campaign, an invention by the name of air conditioning had been cooling down churchgoers for years. Now it was time to bring the church into the modern age.

Fr. Jim Shea, now stationed in San Antonio, knew he faced a serious challenge in that the city had grown up around the parish, and it was now an inner-city parish. Many of its former members had moved to the suburbs. In addition to the air conditioning upgrade, restoration of electrical, plumbing, pews, walls, the ceiling, and the roof all needed to be addressed.

Fr. Shea and Church Development designed a campaign in which we engaged current and former members of the parish in an effort of both physical and spiritual renewal. More than half of the funds raised came from donors outside the parish. We raised over 300% of annual giving in this campaign.

Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Kansas City, Missouri
Fr. Jim Shea, Pastor

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