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Intangible Success

31 Jan. 2017 Posted by Denis Greene in Success Stories

By chance the other day, I ran into my friend Bill Schafer. Bill also happens to be the Business Manager at St. Ann’s Catholic Church in Prairie Village, Kansas, one of the churches with whom Church Development has partnered on their capital campaign. Bill had good news for me.

There was a lot of good news I already knew. The campaign at St. Ann’s has been one of our most successful ventures. They raised seven times the amount of annual giving! The generosity allowed for extensive construction, including expansion of their school and completion of a new chapel, foyer, and church offices. Because of these results, Bill has already recommended us to a number of other churches.

That’s not what Bill wanted me to know about. He wanted to let me know that the positive effects of the campaign have continued far beyond the life of the campaign itself. In particular, it was one of those intangible successes: namely, that parish morale continues to grow as parishioners feel more and more positive about the church’s ministry and their place in that ministry. As Bill said, “The campaign gave us the opportunity to listen, to meet together, to talk about shared visions for God’s future for us. I’m thrilled that we raised the funds – don’t get me wrong! What really matters, though, is that we are closer as a parish than ever before!”

This, I believe, is the Church Development difference. Our whole model is built on the assumption that Christian stewardship means blessings flow from God to us, and from us out into the world. Our successful campaigns are ones where the numbers look good, yes – and when there are also those intangible benefits of community and a shared Spirit. When these things happen, we know that the ministry of stewardship has taken root throughout the life of the church.

Are you thinking about a capital campaign for your church? Are you looking for ways to encourage faithful stewardship? Let us know. We love working with churches as you discover the generosity that God has in store for you!