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St. Elizabeth’s Catholic Church

St. Elizabeth

Stewardship Ministry Director Catalyst to Giving Growth

St. Elizabeth Catholic Parish had an increase in giving of 7% in the first six months of hiring their first director of stewardship.The church already had a great pastor, an active stewardship committee, and several professional development professionals volunteering their time and expertise. The addition of the staff member seemed to be the magical catalyst.

In my discussion with the new director of stewardship, I discovered that it was not magic in the least. Instead, she deliberately implemented the principles of our Stewardship System: regular stewardship education, actively asking and thanking, and including members in community, volunteering, and decision making.

A financial analysis of the economics of hiring the stewardship director revealed that for each dollar that St. Elizabeth’s invested in the stewardship leadership position, the church saw an increase in revenue of approximately five dollars. Just once in my life would I like my retirement account to get that sort of return on investment!

Giving is certainly just one dimension of stewardship, but it is something that we can easily measure. The success for this church to increase giving to enable them to meet ministry goals was directly tied to investing in stewardship ministry–something many churches don’t do.

One unique element of her daily activities was the constant production of thank you letters to givers that streamed from her printer directly to the pastor’s desk for a signature and a personalized note. Thanking their supporters was a key to their success.

St. Elizabeth’s’ is a prime example of how we can boost generosity through direct stewardship ministry activity.