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Is Video Really That Much Better?

24 Sep. 2013 Posted by Denis Greene in Church Capital Campaigns

Church Development conducts a quick experiment on the effectiveness of different kinds of media.

Over the past few weeks, I've shared a number of videos (including my testimonies of how I came to know Jesus and surviving cancer) highlighting Church Development's partnership with Sistine Films. As covered before, depending on the statistic you use, a well-made video can communicate your message up to 22 times more effectively than other forms of media (yes, that even includes interpretive dancing).

It’s easy to throw statistics around without consequence though, so I figured I’d to run a quick test with you. You’ll need a timer and it will take less than seven minutes total.

First, set a timer for three minutes and 28 seconds. Start the countdown and visit the website for the Diocese of Kansas City—St. Joseph’s “Forward in Faith” campaign (linked below). In that time, I want you to learn as much as you can about their campaign. Try to look at it from the perspective of what you’d need to know to make a decision to give.

Ready? Click here.

I’ll assume it’s about three-and-a-half minutes later now.

Although we’re pretending, I doubt you got enough information in that time to make a decision. You might not have even gotten enough info to want to continue, period.

Now try this: Press play:

FIF Epic 3 Min Final 1 from Michael McGlinn on Vimeo.

Okay, it’s three-and-a-half minutes later again. I’ll guess that you learned more in that time from that video experience that was specifically targeted to you rather than a site full of information for you to choose from. You learned the parish’s story—past, present and what they hope to do in the future—and you received their message of what they wanted you to receive. Hopefully you’d like to know more. If not, you at least received a complete message.

Sure, the test is a little skewed, and maybe the video didn’t feel a full 22 times more effective, but I hope you could see the difference. I’m not dismissing the value of a good website either—we often have to communicate six different ways in the hopes that people hear us once—but if you give people the option of how to interpret information about your capital campaign, well, for better or worse, they will.

Of course, this will (and should) happen throughout the process, but a well-made video is a great way to convey the passion of your church’s vision in a targeted way. 

*             *             *

Denis Greene is the Founder and President of Church Development.  He is the author of The Stewardship System, Stewardship-Based Capital Campaigns, and How To Ask For Donations as well as numerous articles on stewardship. Denis has helped over 200 churches across the USA raise more than $200,000,000. 

A complete list of Church Development’s services (including capital campaign management and consultation, feasibility studies, and year-round stewardship ministry programming) is available here.