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    Effective campaigns build community. A strong community is a giving community.
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    Because each church is different in its character and goals
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    We emphasize member involvement in campaigns and teach a spirituality of stewardship
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    Nothing sets Church Development apart from other capital campaign firms more than this. We actively manage your church...

Welcome from our founder

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Our Beginning

Congo River float trip in 1979 leads to the founding of Church Development Watch the video

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Welcome to Church Development

Stewardship-Based Church Capital Campaigns

12 Oct. 2016 Posted by Denis Greene in Stewardship

What is the number one cause of failure?

What is the number one cause of failure? Solve this and success is guaranteed

First let’s look at the “big picture.”

2 Sep. 2016 Posted by Denis Greene in Church Capital Campaigns

How to Ask For a Capital Donation

Asking for donations is more stressful than skydiving and public speaking for some people. It actually ranks higher than fear of death for many. After managing over 100 church capital campaigns and nonprofit organization capital campaigns, I have found a way to make it a win/win, stress-free, pleasant experience.

So, when a parish needs a roof, renovation, or whole new facility, how should one ask for a capital donation?
There is some science behind the answer.  The researchers at Villanova have found out what to not do.

19 Jul. 2016 Posted by Denis Greene in Church Capital Campaigns

Success is Sweet, and As Rare As an Inside The Park Home Run


October 27, 2015 Alcides Escobar hit a leadoff inside the park home run for the Royals during the World Series, the first since 1929. Everyone in Kansas City celebrated.

Last Friday night I celebrated with almost the same level of joy. It was because a pastor did the right thing at the right time, and totally scored a home run for his church.